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Are you looking to hire a developer for your website.

If you need:

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The Process

  • Design

    The basis of any good website or marketing strategy is design. From initial concepts through to story boarding, wireframing and more. I will work with you to come up with the perfect look for your brand and website as well as design the right marketing strategy for your business.

  • Develop

    Once you have your design completed, wether it is your branding or website template. I will work to develop these in to fully fledged products that are only completed once you are completely satisfied the end result represents your business perfectly.

  • Maintain

    Todays technology moves at a blistering pace and with this, digital products need to be maintained regularly. This includes keeping your brand designs up to date as well as marketing strategies that includes SEO. Whatever your project, I can tailor a maintenance strategy to keep you ahead of the competition.

What I do

  • Web Design & Development

    Designs are nothing without development. I specialise in brespoke website development that scales

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  • Website Auditing

    An independant, indepth, look at a website can bring attention to pain points that your website is causing. I'll help fix them.

  • Website Maintenance

    An over looked aspect of owning a website is the ongoing maintenance to protect you from possible security issues that can become known over time.

Rob has been brilliant. He's worked really hard building our site which is looking great now and he backed it up with great aftersale service.

Will Campbell - Gigalum

Example Projects

  • Website example on mockup


    This project is part of the Frontend Masters challenges and focuses on building a website to match a design file. It's main requirements are HTML and CSS but with a little bit of javascript.

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  • Responsive website mockup on imac


    This project required me top build a fully responsive single page to the designs provided by a designer. I used HTML5, along with Bootstrap CSS framework and custom SCSS with minimal custom JavaScript where required like the navbar closing on mobile devices.

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Contact me

I am available to disucss your project or talk about new ideas you might have. Even if you are just looking for some basic advice. I am here to help you the best I can.

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I will reply within 48 hours to emails and social media can be quicker.