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Website Design and Development in Kent.

Providing the best web design and development in Tonbridge and surrounding areas of Kent. Bespoke designs that will get you noticed.

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  • Design

    The basis of any good website or marketing strategy is design. From initial concepts through to story boarding, wireframing and more. We will work with you to come up with the perfect look for your brand and website as well as design the right marketing strategy for your business.

  • Create

    It is our main priority to ensure you are satisfied and happy with the results of our work. We work with you to deliver the project you want. The project will only be compelte once you are confident that it represents your business brand. Get noticed by your clients!

  • Inspire

    We want our work to be a catalyst of inspiration for you, your clients and of course ourselves. Your customers should be inspired to connect and interact with you. You should be inspired to work harder with these clients and this makes us inspired to keep working with you to deliver great experiences for everyone.


  • Graphic Design

    We provide a range of design services. Creating your company branding and color schemes, general graphics, websites and apps. We guarentee you'll get exactly what you want in our designs.

  • Website & App Development

    We turn designs in to fully fledged projects and using the right tools for the job. Wether you need email templates, wordpress themes or a fully bespoke development solution.

  • Digital Marketing

    We will get your business the exposure it needs. We will work with you to develop a marketing strategy that takes advantage of SEO, SMO and PPC strategies.

Rob has been brilliant. He's worked really hard building our site which is looking great now and he backed it up with great aftersale service.

Will Campbell - Gigalum


  • User Experience

    Content on your website should be easy to get to. Consequently, your potential customers will stay interested.

  • Great Looking

    Every website design project follows strict quality standards. Regardless of your package, expect your brand to shine

  • Responsive

    On the modern internet, most traffice comes from phones and tablets. Robotic Dinosaur wont let you fall behind.

  • load Speed

    Modern websites are built wiuth many complicated features. Because of this, it is important that sites are optimized to load quickly

  • Accessibility

    Todays internet is everywhere on an ever expanding list of devices. Making sure your website is acessible (usable by all) means you can engage with a wider audience.

  • Content

    Providing your visitors with relevant content means you build trust about your knowledge. This will engage potential clients and produce more conversions.


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Let's disucss your current problems or have a chat about your ideas for a new project. Even if you are just looking for some basic advice, reach out and send a message today.