We develop websites and content marketing strategies.

We are Robotic Dinosaur

As a digital development studio we are focused on designing and delivering dynamic solutions that cover responsive websites, SEO and content marketing.  Created in 2014, we have evolved along with our design and development practices to focus on areas of work that intrigue us and push us to deliver only excellent results.

For this reason, we reorganised ourselves and refocused on the Creative and Entertainment industries in early 2018 to provide top level solutions to photographers, artists, musicians, bands, bars, pubs / restaurants and nightclubs.  We felt that having a strong interest in these areas already would allow us to fully  focus on what we, as end users, would love to see when visiting one of these kinds of projects.

We work closely with our clients from the initial consultation over a cup of tea or coffee (or beer, sometimes) to really try to find out what you and your end user are expenting from a project and creating a happy medium of the two to really stand out and generate more clients for you.

Dedicated to the detail.

We love clean, functional code and great design. This means that we do not add a feature in for the sake of using a feature but we do use the latest web development standards to deliver projects that will last through the rapid speed of improvements we see weekly on the internet and within browsers.

All projects are unique

Just like you are different to the next client, so are the projects and because of this we develop every project from the ground up with a unique vision of the final result.  From colour palette to font type, we want to deliver a solution that suits your business model and identity and it is all built on top of a bespoke framework we constantly develop and improve for each project.

Bespoke Approach

Unlike many other companies, we take a bespoke approach with each client and project.

Great Aftercare

We pride ourselves on our support through all stages of each project.

Solid Foundations

Our development is based on the Laravel framework which is a well tested and solid foundation.

Dedicated to Tech

As nerds we are dedicated to doing our work in the right way, from colors to code to technology.

We will get you noticed.

It'll take just a couple of months to build something truly revolutionary for your business. A solid, secure and fast website - integrated with your mailing list provider of choice and a clear route to conversion for your audience will ensure you notice an immediate uplift in engagement and ultimately revenue.

How much is it?

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