Get to know me a little bit more

I'm Rob and I'm an 80's kid, raised on BBC Micro +B and Nintendo. I never really liked the Sega systems and I'm a big supporter of Tottenham Hotspur but we don't have to talk about that most of the time.

I'm big on static sites and getting in to serverless functions. Shout out to eleventy and Netlify for being my setup of choice for all projects that don't require a full backend setup.

For backend work I enjoy getting my teeth stuck in to Laravel and I also have experience with Wordpress custom themes and general installations.

Recently I have started to develop mobile applications with react-native and would love to get in to mobile game development, probably with Unreal Engine, just because, but I doubt it will be any time soon.

New technology gets me excited in ways that shouldn't be spoken about but I do anyway and I'll post some of these when I get around to developing the blog side of this site.

I also get lost in the world of researching how things work and I enjoy breaking these same things, all in the name of learning and understanding.

I have recently left my existing job in London as I am moving to Norway to start a new life getting back in to things I love and enjoy. These things are:

  • Web development
  • App development
  • Photography
  • Art & Design

All of these while living a life that is more suited to me these days. Away from the rat race and full of creative inputs.


I am avaialble to disucss your project or talk about new projects and ideas you might have.

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I aim to reply within 48 hours to emails and social media can be quicker.


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