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Who or what is Robotic Dinosaur

Robert Forbes

Robotic Dinosaur is the creative outlet of graphic designer, website / app developer, digital marketer and all round computer nerd Robert Forbes.

Rob was born in the 80's and grew up with Football, Nintendo and the BBC Micro +B. All three of these influences are still prominent to this day with his love of Tottenham Hotspur (let's not talk about that much) and computers games (in his spare time only, obviously) but its the BBC Micro that left the biggest mark and started a journey of intrigue and exploration that has brought him to his current position as an all round creative nerd.

Specialising in the fundamentals of website design and the accessibility of users, Rob spends much of his time working with these subjects to develop the building blocks of all his projects.

He has designed and built projects of various types for a number of different kinds of client. Ranging from logo and brand design for local plumbers to the development of a bespoke CMS for a lively London nightspot. He works with his clients to listen and understand their problems and comes up with the right solutions for the client, their market and budget requirements. You'll be guaranteed excellent results and a end product you'll be please to show off.

Working with Rob is like a breath of fresh air. You won't get any bullshit from him and if something doesn't make sense, or work from any angle you'll be informed and suggessted a better solution that would work instead. This could anything from colour palettes, font choices, content layout, etc. To put it simply, Rob cares too much about any project he works on and is determined to give you the best possible results. So wether you are after new company branding, general graphic design, website developlement or more, get in touch today and let's discuss any problems you might currently have and how Rob can help solve them for you.

Let's Talk

Let's disucss your current problems or have a chat about your ideas for a new project. Even if you are just looking for some basic advice, reach out and send a message today.

Rob has been brilliant. He's worked really hard building our site which is looking great now and he backed it up with great aftersale service.

Will Campbell - Gigalum