A new, simpler, evolving website

Things are changing around here. I'm not sure if you've noticed or not. More likely than not you haven't been here before and thats ok, let me explain a few things.

I’ve been through many changes through the years and could never settle on the style or content for my website. This ranges through various iterations from freelancing to trying to be a professional business, back to a personal site and recently a hub of places you can find more about me. As you can imagine this has got me pretty bored over recent times and I finally had enough and decided it was time to change things for good.

This approach comes from a lot of different areas of my life and leads to many changes that have occured over the last year. I wont bore you with those though but I can bore you with some others, like this website.

I realised that I am trying to do too much and be someone that I don’t want to be and the only way to truely fix that is to take a step back and re-evaluate things on many different levels but they all come back to the same answer… the old saying “KISS: Keep it simple, stupid.” and that is exactly what I am now fully implementing in online life (as well as offline existence).

So with this in mind I decided to strip out mulitple areas of my online life and simplify the rest. This also aids me in my career and journey to things that I’d like to improve. One of them is to learn as much as possible about my interests while writing about them and seeing where that takes me the other is to simplify what I have to concentrate on. This website will mirror what is going on in my life as of now. I’ll update with random posts while I work out my style and what I want to write about, hopefully improving as I go and with that you’ll see the site evolve to only include things that I deem necessary at the time.

This means, for now, that there is no about me, there is no contact form, there is no side project information. At the moment you’ll get blog updates and links to places you can find me when I have time to share my interests in a better way (Gitlab, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) followed by some other parts that at some point will make sense but for now because I’m keeping it simple, there are no timeframes for anything.

Until the next update.

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