The Year Ahead.

Happy Near Year Sign

It's not a year for resolutions but it is one for targets. These targets are rooted in a new career and focus on living the life I want to start living.

There isn't much to this post except for listing out my targets for the year ahead and provide some motivation for myself as well as something to hold myself accountable against in 12 months.

Professional Targets

Personal Targets

These targets are going to change as I change over this coming year but it's good to set down in writing what I want to do. It will also provide subjects to talk about as the year progresses and I can keep tabs on myself.

These targets are inter-linked between work and personal and generally pretty loose by design as its my first year and I'm not completely sure how to do this kind of thing.

They might also be under the wrong category and I'm willing to update these as the year goes on.


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