Responsive website mockup on imac


Single page responsive website built for a vibrant party venue.

About the project

This project was initial a collaboration with a designer to rebuild an existing, cumbersome, website that was out of touch with the vibe of the venue. I was not around for the redesign process so I can not talk on the ideas behind it but the feel of this was much simpler and to the point than the original.

I was approached for the implementation of the design and had free reign over the technology I used. The original site was developed on top of Laravel with a custom CMS solution specifically for this project. Unfortunately the business was sold and the website has since gone offline.

But, I really enjoyed this project originally and thought it would be a good project to rebuild using my current knowledge and choices of technology so I decided to rebuild it without Laravel or a custom CMS. This is pretty much a like for like with the front-end. It still uses Bootstrap, although its been updated to version 5, SCSS for the custom bits on top and jQuery just because it hasn't warranted being changed yet.

There are a number of things I would change in this project if I were to rebuild it for a client today. Most notably would be to break it out in to a multi-page site and do more with the Meta data and create an emphasis on the social aspect of the venue.

Regardless of my desired changed for this project, it stands as an excellent base for any venue to have as an early website with a great foundation to expand upon with time.