Responsive website mockup on imac

Sol Attendance

Sol Attendance approached me with the simple requirement of needing a website to start driving traffic from the internet. They didn't have a website yet and minimal branding so I was tasked with creating this design from scratch and developing a design system.

After some inital meetings I came up with an internal design system where I took the existing logo design and extracted a color palette and typography. From here I created some mockups using Figma which allowed me to prototype and share working designs of the website that enabled the client to give feedback on the look and feel of the website.

This enabled quick iterations over design decisions and develop a signed off version of what the client wanted from their website. This ended up being a very clear and minimal design, which is my preferred style, and I love it.

While developing the site we decied that utilising the Bootstrap CSS framework would be to my benefit as it had a lot of components built in that could utilised, things like the navigation bar, carousels, modal dialogs and form styling. On top of this I added some bespoke stylings including the font and default colours as well as implemented a bespoke script to load the twitter feed where we could custom style the layout becuase, quite simply, twitters default sucks.

Client Feedback

We are absolutely delighted with our new website and could not have asked for better service and support from Rob at Robotic Dinosaur. It has made such a difference for us to be able to point clients in the direction of information via the website and the feedback so far has been really positive. Rob provided a very personal approach to his service. We were so grateful for his patient and professional management to requests for changes as well as his ongoing knowledge, guidance and reassurance. We recommend Robotic Dinosaur wholeheartedly to any small businesses looking to set up a website.