Bespoke Website Design and Development

Your website is your digital storefront

A website is more than just some code put together and sitting pretty online somewhere. Your website is your online identity and so it must represent you and what your customers expect to see from you.

It is an extension of your physical business and should feel like it, in both visual aesthetics and wording to create a unified front for your new (and existing) customers.

Your website should tell your story and shows your services in the best possible way to entice new customers to approach you. I will build it with your customers in mind, delivering the experience they expect, in your brands style.

What's the process?

After you have send me a message, I'll ask you to fill out a questionnaire that will provide me with information about your business, project requirements, target audience and allows me to start forming a design idea for your site.

I will then come up with a project proposal that will outline the features of the project along with costs.

Agreement and Information gathering.

When you have decided the best option for you I will then go to work and start the project development. Starting with a sitemap that will decide the structure of the whole site. This is important to know the exact layout of the project but also for Search Engine Optimisation so companies like Google or Bing understand your site and rank your site higher.

Design Systems and Mockups

Selecting the right colours and typography for your project is an underrated aspect of website design. It can ruin the first impressions your visitors get when they visit your site or it can convert a potential customer in to a paying customer.

You might already have an existing colour palette or design system in place which is great or you might need something developed from scratch, which I can help you with using the information provided in the questionnaire as well as working within the compounds of accessibility

Wireframes are a way to quickly develop the visual layout of your pages without using real data. Usually in black and white with gray, it allows you to see how the site will look at a very basic level and to quickly iterate over designs so the page feels right for you and the end user.

When the wireframes are agreed I then fill the wireframe with dummy data like stock photography, basic interactions, navigations, colours and typography from the design system. With this in place you will get a full understanding of how the site will look and feel to interact with before a line of code has been written.

Development & Release

Arguably the most boring part of the project for some, for me its the fun part. Seeing the designs and ideas come to life. While it can sometimes appear to be quiet, it's very different with lots of work going on behind the scenes.

You'll be provided with a live link to the website as well as update emails listing out the changes implemented so you can keep up to date with every change. This will also provide you an opportunity to give feedback but shouldn't be used to ask for changes beyond the designs agreed previously. This causes stress, changes timeframes and incurs extra costs to you that need to be agreed.

With the design now turned in to a full project it's time to hand over to you and sign off on the works. Only when you have signed off on the project with the source code be handed over to you as well as ownership of the code and if required, I will organise a meeting to walk you through the site and how to modify your content via the selected CMS (Content Management System).

What's next?

All that is left to do now is send me a message and get the ball rolling on you next project. I'll send you a reply within 24 hours with a link to the questionnaire and we'll go from there.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Rob has been brilliant. He's worked really hard building our site which is looking great now and he backed it up with great aftersale service.

Will Campbell - Gigalum

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